The Difference Between Tragedy and Miracle

When a child reaches the water alone, the difference between "tragedy" and "miracle" is a matter of inches and seconds...face down or face up. At ISR we give children ages 6 months to 6 years the skills they need to save themselves if the need were to arise while giving them a foundation for a lifetime of fun, safe, enjoyment of the water. 


Water Doesn't Take a Winter Break

Winter clothes are about as far away from a bathing suit as you can get, which is exactly why each ISR Student learns to complete the ISR Self-Rescue™ sequence fully clothed....oftentimes in heavier winter clothes. Accidents are unplanned, and the majority of children who drown do so dressed for the day; their mommies and daddies weren't planning on them being in the water.


Any Time of Year

Accidents are unplanned. With so much cold weather blanketing the U.S., hottubs enjoy a spike in popularity. Please remember that children can reach the water alone any time of the year, and children as young as 6 months old can learn to save their own lives if the need were to arise. A moment's inattention shouldn't cost a child her life. 


Constant Supervision and a Skilled Little One are Portable

As responsible and loving parents, you do all you can to protect you children by installing locks, fences, and alarms around the house to protect them. However, it is important to remember that those safety measures don't follow your family to the lake, beach, water park, or a friend's house down the street. Each year we hear from responsible parents wanting to turn their heartbreak into something positive for other families… and overwhelmingly, their tragedy occurred outside their home. Constant supervision and a skilled little one are portable.