Today Reid fell off the steps into my parents' pool.  We had gotten out and were sitting a few feet away visiting.  Next thing I know he is star fishing and (of course) screaming his face off.  We grabbed him and told him how proud we were and now he can't stop talking about it.  You my friend are a life saver.  Quite literally. Every time my kids swim I sit back and watch them and think about how amazing you are. :)


My daughter has absolutely loved her ISR swim lessons! She looks forwards to seeing Mrs Emily (Foreman) day to day and learning new things! We are so proud of her and she is so proud of herself as well! Mrs Emily is very great with kids, she is playful yet has a sense of firmness which allows them to feel comfortable with her yet still " gets the job done " playfully and lets them learn efficiently.  She's been amazing and I have recommended her to many people !

​Emily (Foreman) has been absolutely great! I am very impressed with the progress made in such a short time! Thank you!!!!

This was an awesome experience for us. Watching our 2 yr. old swim effortlessly is amazing!

Emily (Foreman) is a wonderful instructor!

Emily (Foreman) did a great job teaching my daughter Samantha. I will recommend ISR to other

Emily (Foreman) continues to be an amazing instructor. I tell everyone I know with kids, she is
the one to go to!

We have now finished ISR and my daughter has great confidence and skill in the pool. I have
confidence in her ability to save herself in a pool. She is sad she doesn't get to see Ms. Emily
everyday anymore!!!! Thank you to Ms. Emily (Foreman)!!!!!

Emily (Foreman) is great and I am thrilled at how fast we are showing progress.

We absolutely love Emily (Foreman)! I have told everyone I know with a baby about her and
ISR. I hope she keeps up the good work. He's very patient and kind.

Emily (Foreman) has been great. She has answered every question or concern that we have had. I
like how she keeps us informed of why she does certain things during the lessons.

Emily foreman is a wonderful instructor and also a wonderful person!

Emily (Foreman) is amazing. This experience is above an beyond all expectations I had, and I
read about ISR and watched about a million videos before we started. She is so good with my
girls and I could not be more happy. In 8 lessons they both have progressed so far and I am


Emily truly has a passion for what she does!  She is an absolutely wonderful instructor and person! 

My daughter, at 18 months, learned to swim-float-swim and survival skills!  But not only did she

learn survival skills and how to swim, she learned her own limitations in the water.  She has 

no fear of the water but is now cautions around the water.  She loves the water and loves to 

swim!  Thank you so much Emily!  This is one of the best things we have done for our daughter!