What to Expect at Every Lesson


At the beginning of each lesson, and before you hand your child to your Instructor, you will need to show your Instructor your completed BUDS sheet and complete the poolside BUDS information.  Plan on discussing the BUDS information with your Instructor for a few moments, and be sure to advise your Instructor if your child has had any signs of illness, any injuries, or taken any type of medication in the past 24 hours.  Please remember to provide your Instructor with your completed BUDS sheet before you hand your child over to your Instructor.


If your Instructor sees anything on the BUDS sheet that raises a concern, he or she may decide to change the length or the pace of the lesson, or possibly advise that your child not participate in lessons that day.


It is completely normal for a child to have a few big "burps" during the lesson.  Swallowing air is especially common when your child is first leaning to float, and if your child cries during the lesson, he or she will be swallowing even more air.  Your Instructor will watch your child's tummy and if there is any sign of air in your child's abdomen, your Instructor will stop the lesson to burp your child. Some children may spit up a small amount while burping.  


However, if your child spits up anything more than a small amount of liquid while being burped, you may need to make some modifications to their diet.  Dairy products, including cow's milk based formulas, are a common culprit, since immature digestive systems often have difficulty digesting dairy foods in a short amount of time.  If this occurs, you may want to stop your child's intake of any type of dairy products at least 3 to 4 hours prior to the lesson, to allow more time for your child to digest the milk or dairy before the lesson.  


Remember, no apple products during the time that your child is involved in ISR lessons -- not even apple juice!  It is important to check the contents of all juice, because many juice flavors and blends use apple juice as a base.


Your Instructor will have allotted 10 minutes for your child's lesson.  your child's actual time in the water may be slightly less, if your Instructor sees any signs of temperature fatigue (by pressing on your child's heel) or if your child is having difficulty expelling air from his or her stomach.


Sometimes, if the lesson is nearing its conclusion, and your child has done a particularly good job at mastering a skill that day, your Instructor may choose to end the lesson on the "high note" of your child's big accomplishment for that day.  Keep in mind that because the lessons are individually tailored to your child, our focus during the lesson is more on your child's ability, accomplishment, and safety, rather than adhering to a strict amount of time for your child to be in the water.  


As soon as the lesson is over, the Instructor will place your child on his or her left side on the 2 towels you have placed on the pool deck.  Having your child lie on the left side helps to release any type of air build up that might have occurred during the lesson.  Use the third towel to dry and cover your child.  Some children are tired out by the lesson and don't mind lying still for a minute or so; others want to jump up right away.  Try to keep your child lying on the left side for a couple of minutes -- some children especially love it if you lie down with them!  This is also a good time to tell your child what a great job he or she did in the lesson.


Please keep in mind that many ISR Instructors keep a tight schedule, and may have a child scheduled to be in the water immediately after your child's lesson is over.  If your Instructor doesn't have a lot of time to talk to you after the lesson is over, please keep in mind that they are only trying to keep to their schedule and prepare for the next child.  If you have any concerns at all, please be sure to contact your Instructor via phone or email at the end of the day.